Our Process

All Great Ideas Start with a Great Conversation

Every great idea starts out with a great conversation. Prior to our  first meeting. A great idea for you, the customer, would be to think of what you imagine your your new cabinets would look like. What style you’d like them to be, what colors, and certain functionality. Our customer binder is full of ideas,styles and looks to help with your designing needs.


At the first meeting we will cover a lot of information so please bring your questions and ideas. We will meet at your space, get your ideas and make suggestions. Preliminary measurements will be taken and a tentative schedule will be discussed. We will also go over the Selections Sheet (next page) and try to fill in all of the blanks. This is where your ideas and our suggestions start to come together to create your cabinets. With the Selections Sheet we will go over things like door styles, finish options and special features. It is our hope that this binder will help you make those decisions.

At our second meeting we will propose a design and price. Final measurements will be taken and we will have you sign off on design and finish options as discussed with the Selections Sheet. At this time a down payment would be requested so that we can send the plans to the shop floor to begin building.


After that, leave it to us to fulfill your inspiration. We build and install, you relax. Any changes requested at this point will need a Change Request Form filled out. Final payment is requested upon completion. Thats all there is to it.


You dream it, We build it, You relax!

Process Customer Binder

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